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Why EVE?

According to a Report of the World Health Organization there are 466 million hearing-impaired people in the world (as of 2018). Many of them rely on captions to understand anything at all. But subtitles are rare. EVE will change that and make the world a better place. Because participation is not negotiable.

Automated captions
EVE recognizes speech and automatic generates text.
Smart remote correction
An editor can correct the text live. From anywhere.
AI Machine Learning
EVE is constantly learning and is getting better and better.
Smartphone EVE Untertitel GIF
creates transcript
At the end you will find a PDF with the complete content.
Supports individual dictionaries
Upload individual dictionaries to teach EVE vernacular.
Individual full-responsive output
Specify font, colour, and logo. The output adapts to any displaysize.
How does EVE work?

We made EVE simple, smart and intuitive.

What are the advantages of EVE?

EVE is artificial intelligence that helps people.

Digital inclusion

Make events, lectures and films barrier-free and accessible for everyone, because inclusion is not negotiable.

Lower costs

Save costs for travels and stenographers.
We are working on a free version.

additional medium

Use the transcript for further steps,
e.g. articles, event film subtitles and SEO.


We want you to always get exactly the live subtitles you need. That is why we focus on individual consulting and quotation.
To give you an idea, here are some sample packages:

net, per hour
Workplace support

Also bookable

Individual demo
Costs reimbursable if applicable
net, per hour
Event S
Lectures & digital conferences


Individual demo
IT support
net, per 8 hours
Event XL
Livestream & On-Site Events


Event Set Up
on-site Support
Speaker briefing
For individual consultation and quotation:

All prices quoted are net prices and are subject to the statutory value-added tax.


Maxi Krause

Maxi has been involved in the development of EVE from the very beginning and is always working to make our live captions even better.

Questions about EVE?

Kevin Kunz

Kevin is project management and on-site support. He looks after customers and provides on-site support to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Questions about EVE?

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