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EVE on TV?

Hard of Hearing persons get important information delayed, because Live-Broadcasts and Online-Videos do not offer sign language interpreters or captioning. But just now, this is essential. Automatic live captioning with EVE solves this problem.

Currently we are getting new information daily, about the spread of COVID-19. The, from this information following, resolutions by politicians are broadcasted in press conferences and statements on TV. Extensive preventive measures are adopted, which shall protect the members of the public. Politicians and experts talk in live programs and inform about the closing of shops, curfews and implementing of important rules regarding social interaction.

Delayed Information

But Hard of Hearing persons are not informed contemporaneously, because these broadcasts often are not barrier free. Neither captions nor translations by sign language interpreters were available. Organizations like the Deutsche Gehörlosenbund e.V. constantly flag this grievance in their Social Media Channels.


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Currently, responsible bodies are working at providing more information in sign language. Among others, the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BzgA) is providing videos in sign language. This is commendable, but it should be a requirement of politics and TV-Broadcasters to inform Hard of Hearing People at the same time. In other countries, like the US, there is no news broadcaster that is not implementing live captions.

Around here TV broadcasters and organizers of live events seem to have not found a solution, yet. Reasons are high costs and a shortness of interpreters and the special technology needed. Because live captions are still transcribed by people. The skepticism regarding technical aids seems still too high. Although algorithms like EVE recognize speech faster and better and learn steadily via artificial intelligence.

EVE offers security

Often the reasoning behind the skepticism, is the data security of technical tools. EVE uses several “practices of modern black magic”: It is a cloud-based tool, working with artificial intelligence. So of course, EVE needs to be burned at the stake, erected by detractors of digitization. But we can allay your fears: EVE with all its technical components complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) completely and the used tools and providers are ISO-Certified hosting their servers in the EU. We as a company cannot even see the Event-Name of a client after deletion.

Hörbeeinträchtigte Person am Fernsehgerät mit EVE Untertiteln
Automated Live Captions on TV

This way TV-Broadcasters can use technology, that is secure, flexible and ensures inclusion. And it is not limited to times of crisis. But why is there hesitation? A contemporaneous information of our whole society should always be ensured. EVE offers a custom-fit solution because live captioning offers umpteen pros.

 Automatic live captions via EVE can easily be implemented in the broadcaster’s technology. It is applicable flexibly and could caption live programs without needing staff, thanks to the international Live-Captioning-Standard 608/708 Closed Captions. Especially with the contact limitation no one must take a risk. Due to timeframes it is not always possible to find personnel fast.

EVE in nonstop operation? Sounds expensive? For continuous use on TV we will adjust the pricing, of course.

Automatic live-captions can be used versatilely in the TV-landscape: Live broadcasts for which you cannot generate subtitles beforehand, sporting events, of which you can not foresee the flow, Live-Talk shows with willful guests who say what they want.

EVE’s automated transcript additionally allows that your program is immediately available to look up and read afterwards.

Is EVE perfect?

No, EVE is not perfect and splutters sometimes, just like we do. But there is the possibility to use a human corrector. Then there would be an additional human entity, who sits between input and output. They can correct mistakes instantly, by proofing the words recognized by EVE before they become visible to the viewer. The corrector would not even have to leave their home, because they can do so from everywhere. EVE is not perfect, but diligent. She learns every day and her speech recognition gets better and better. Soon, no human corrector will be needed. EVE already recognizes 20 languages, nine of them with a precision of over 90%, and ten dialects:

Die Fehlerquote von EVE ist gering und sie lernt stetig dazu.

Dear Broacasters, why wait? Inclusion of all your viewers is simple and possible now!

Live Captions: EVErywhere and for EVEryone

Not just TV is broadcasting Live-Events: In times of video platforms and Social Media more and more Users take up the opportunity of Live-Streams online. With live captions one does not only include Hard of Hearing people, but you can provide every viewer with a more comfortable watching experience. And TV’s without sound like at airports or smartphones in public transport show the viewer without any sound what is talked about.

Whichever platform you choose to stream your next live-event, EVE can help you with automated live captions, to include everyone in your broadcast and improve your viewers experience. Just drop us a line at and book a live demo.

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