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Results for accuracy: EVE improves every day 

EVE learns steadily thanks to artificial intelligence and can recognize different languages better every day. For languages with an accuracy of more than 90%, EVE can be used without human corrector at events and lectures. However, the additional function of the individual dictionary is useful.

More languages + better accuracy

EVE already recognizes 20 languages, nine of them with an accuracy of over 90%, and ten dialects. Every word spoken in EVE is analyzed using artificial intelligence.  

An algorithm optimizes the audio signal and creates a waveform image. EVE compares this image with a huge database, looks for similarities and decides on the most likely match. The size of the database is essential for the accuracy of each language. You can read how we are constantly expanding our databases here. 

Live captioning with an accuracy of over 80% is now available in seven other languages: French, ItalianNorwegianPortugueseCatalanDanish and DutchUntil these languages reach an accuracy of over 90%, the additional use of a human corrector is recommended in addition to the individual dictionary

Individual dictionary   

EVE is constantly learning: However, filling up an individual dictionary is also useful for languages with an accuracy of over 90%, especially if your presentation contains many technical terms or proper nouns.

EVE takes privacy seriously. That’s why the individual entries are only stored in your profile and not visible or accessible to other users.   

It is best to fill the dictionary with your words in advance of the event so that EVE can memorize them in time.   

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[…] möglich. EVE ist zwar nicht perfekt, aber fleißig: sie lernt Tag für Tag hinzu und wird in ihrer Spracherkennung immer besser. In naher Zukunft wird kein menschlicher Korrektor mehr nötig sein. EVE erkennt bereits 20 […]

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